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Posted by: Felix2003
Posted on: 07/01/2021 09:42
Title: Laid To Rest

Today (Jan 7th) is a day i wish would never come today Blackcats family laid him to rest, there was a private service at St John’s Church in Sunderland followed by a cremation at Durham.

He was widely loved and honored as a Father, Son, Husband, Friend and Ex Military

Rest in peace my friend


Downloading Rules

1. Downloading Rules:

Downloading is conditional of your site statistics, this is not a dump site where you can just take without sharing, our rules are as follows:

We expect from every user to help newly added torrents reach a good seeding/leeching ratio quickly in order to help the torrent during the first hours of its “life” on the site.

All torrents must be seeded to a minimum of 0.5 ratio, we previously had this as 1-1 but felt some were finding it too hard to achieve so we have reduced it to 0.5, this also includes torrents that are nuked, the scene often nukes torrents for the most stupid of reasons, and a nuked torrent doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem with it..

If you cant reach 0.5 on the torrent ratio then the torrent must be left open seeding for minimum of 48 hours.

If its a popular torrent with plenty of leechers then there is no reason why it cant be fully seeded to a 1.1 ratio.

You must keep you overall ratio above 1.00 at all times, anyone not doing so will run the risk of being banned from site.

Member class is limited to 1 torrents at a time, want to download more, then get that ratio up and become a Power User.

Power users are limited to 2 downloads at a time, want to download more, upgrade your account to V.I.P where you will receive unlimited downloads.

New Leeching & ratio rules.

All members must keep a ratio of above 1.00 at all times, there are no exceptions to this rule and never has been, even staff must stick by it.

You must have a ratio above 1.00 to download, if you don't the option to leech will not be available to you due to the ratio checker system now in place.

If you find yourself on a level 1 warning, this means you have 7 days to improve your ratio or you will be banned, you have the following options:

1, Trade in any bonus points you may have to increase your ratio, you can do this by selecting BON at the top of the page in the userbar, depending on what theme you are using, if this is not visible look for a small plus (+) symbol to the left, this will unhide it, or you can use the following link.

2, Donate and select upload credit, you must make sure that what you donate will send your ratio back to 1.00, as you will still be banned even if you donate and your ratio is below 1.00

3, Donate and select VIP status, this option freezes the warning process and also bypasses the download check script, so you will still be able to download. While you are a VIP your downloaded amount will not increase, only what you upload back to the site will be added, so this is a very good way to improve your ratio.

4, sit it out and hope you make a ratio of 1.00 in time.

If your ratio is really bad, I do not recommend the last option.

Cross seeding

Uploaders spend a lot of time sourcing releases and uploading them to the site, then someone comes along who downloaded it from elsewhere and decides to jump on the torrent therefore stealing the uploaders upload credit, this is unfair and is also against site rules.

There is no need to cross seed any torrent that has been recently uploaded, as all torrents are uploaded from high speed seedboxes, therefore we don't need any help to seed them. Anyone who gets caught cross seeding will receive the following:

First offence -  verbal warning
second offence - you'll receive a warning on your account
Third offence - you'll lost your download ability for 1 month
Fourth offence - you're gone without any further warning!

If the torrent is old and has no seeds and you still have the file then you can jump on to help others, but stealing uploaders bandwidth is neither fair or allowed.

General Rules

2. General Rules:

*Do not defy the staffs expressed wishes!

*Flaming releases or members in torrent comments or in forums will see you having those privileges removed and a warning issued.

*If a member of staff edits your post or torrent comment under no circumstances should it be deleted, anyone doing so will get a mandatory 1 week warning.

*Do not send or request invites to other sites using our pm system, forums or IRC. We have a script that picks up keywords and flags your post, your account will be instantly banned no questions asked.

*Disruptive behavior in the forums will result in a warning.
You will only get one warning! After that it's bye bye Kansas!

*If your account is unused for 6 weeks you will be sent an email at the address you have provided, then if you do not login to the site within the next 3 days your account will be deleted, we have a lot of active users on site and membership is limited. So those that don't use their accounts will be removed to make space for members who want to sign up and use the site.

*Any new account with a zero download after 14 days will be pruned from the server, this is a download site not somewhere to lurk. You are just taking up spaces that other people could benefit from.

*Do NOT PM The Owner, Admin or Moderators with questions, they are very busy people and do not have time to answer members questions as well. Use the helpdesk instead, where you will receive 1-1 assistance.

*Going over a member of staff's head about warnings, low ratio's or any other matter will only end up with you being banned. We have a rank system use it. Blackcat will back a member of staff's decision 100%, so it's a waste of time sending him PM's whining.

*We are a private tracker and want to remain that way, under no circumstances should our name or details be posted around the internet. This also includes pm's and emails sent to members, any member caught doing so will have their accounts disabled without any prior warning...

Maxing out Hit & Run warning

3. Maxing out Hit & Run Warnings:

If you find yourself with a level 3 warning the system will ban you from downloading till you have rectified the issue by seeding the files you hit & run on, or you can donate via the sites Paypal, once Blackcat has credited your account, your warnings will be wiped and your ability to download restored.

If after 7 days your account has still not improved you will receive a further message warning you that you that your account will be deleted in 7 days, once your account has gone, it's gone, the best you can then hope for is an invite back to the site..


Add your Custom Rules Here

General FAQ's Are things the same as on the old site?

No, this is a brand new source code, with a whole new set or rules and layout, do not compare this site with the old one, while some things will be the same, many are not.

This is a complete new start
Why do I have a Hit & Run Warning

RTN has a fully automated Hit & Run system, no longer will Moderators have to plow through thousands of members looking for those that have not seeded.

There is a grace period of 5 days before the system will slap you with a warning, but by this time, you should have seeded to site rules.

If you do find that you have a Hit & Run warning, simply start seeding, once you have seeded to site rules, the warning will be lifted.

Warnings will no longer automatically downgrade, if you hit & run this will remain on your account unless you either seed back the torrent you have the warning for or donate and request them to be removed. There is a minority of members on this site that think that they can pick and choose what to seed back and don't mind picking up the odd warning, well those days are gone, you now only have the following option once your download ability is removed.

Your options to remove warnings are as follows:

1. Start seeding, once you have seeded to site rules the warning for that particular torrent will be lifted.

2. Donate and get the warning lifted, you need to contact Blackcat once the donation is complete, so the warning can be removed.

**NOTE** If for whatever reason you do not seed the torrents back you hit & run on, your hit & run indicator will not decrease as you have not rectified the issue, so they will remain as a record of your warnings, you can donate and request them to be removed by Blackcat.

If you start downloading a torrent, and get no connections or the torrent is old and running painfully slow, there is a 50 meg download trigger, so as long as you have downloaded less than this amount, you can stop and remove the torrent and not receive a Hit & Run warning.

We know you moved, we know you went on a vacation, we know your dog ate your LAN-cable and we know your hard drive went bananas for the 10th time this year. This is really not of any interest, it is still a release you haven't shared properly, and therefore won't get any sympathy from staff

The system has now been simplified, to make things a bit more straight forward
What is it?

On the old site staff had the option to warn members, this could be for a range of things, from bad behavior, abusing members or staff, or persistent Hit & Running.

We now have something different, called booted

where in the past when you were warned, you could still browse the site, being booted won't let you, you will be completely blocked from the site and all activities for the duration that you were booted for.

Once your time is up, you will be allowed back on site as normal.
What do I get for my Donation?

Just like every other site we need donations from members to carry on as a site, if we can't cover our server costs every month we will have no other option other than to close down the site.

Due to issues with Paypal the automated system has been permanently disabled, this means all accounts will have to be updated manually, there is no need to send a message to either Blackcat or the Helpdesk, as all donations contain your user ID, please allow 24 hours for your account to be updated before querying as to why your account has not been updated..

V.I.P Status - Everything you download while in this class will be freeleech, any data you seed back will count onto your uploaded ratio.

As a V.I.P you are no longer bound to seeding to site rules, however what you do seed back will go onto your upload credit, so your ratio will still increase, you WILL NOT receive any system warning while you are in V.I.P class, the following will now also only be available to those in V.I.P class and above:

Torrent of The Week
Torrents with Multipliers ie X2, X3, torrents
Requests section
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited Freeleech torrents
Exempt from system warnings
Ratio repaired*

You will not get the above unless you are in V.I.P Class.

NOTE: if you do decide not to seed what you've taken and then let your V.I.P status expire, you may pick up warnings from up to 5 days before it expired, always best to remain V.I.P or seed back to site rules as you'll be missing out on seedbonus and upload credit, but you can always donate again and have the warnings removed.. grin.gif

*If you you are in leecher class or just have a ratio below 1.00, you can contact Blackcat and have your ratio fixed back to 1.00, this is for V.I.P class only!

Get Upload Amount - Now obsolete, to gain access to other features listed above, you should choose V.I.P Class.

Anonymous - Occasionally we get members that do not want any of the above (not very often) and want to remain Anonymous, choosing this option, nothing will be credited to your account, and your name will not appear in the donor list.

Please make sure that when selecting a gift, you make the right choice, as it cannot be changed once it has been finalised.

If you send a donation via echeck, your account will not be credited until it clears, this is generally 5-7 days.

NOTE: If you make a duplicate donation or submit the wrong amount, you should contact Blackcat, who will then refund your donation, under no circumstances should you launch a dispute with Paypal, anyone doing so will be banned instantly without any warning.

What are the different Freeleech Options?

We now have several freeleech options

Gold - 100% off the torrent is freeleech

Silver - 50% of the torrent is freeleech

Bronze - 25% of the torrent is freeleech

You can also donate and have the V.I.P option of freeleech for the duration of your upgrade, or you can simply use any freeleech slots you have.

Any torrent on site that is over 8gb in size is set to freeleech.

All these torrents are manually set by admin, so if you see a torrent which is above 8gb that is not freeleech, simply wait until it is set to free, otherwise you will have your download stats recorded up to the point it was made free, we will not remove download amounts on these torrents, so don't ask.

NOTE: Freeleech does not mean you do not have to seed back, as everything you take you must seed back to site rules, it simply means that it will not count towards your downloaded amount, but anything you seed back, will be added to your uploaded ratio.

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